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Designer @ Daymon Worldwide

I started this month a new challenge at Daymon, in the Creative department of design, where we have a great team composed of ten permanent designers in our office, with another almost ten designers clients based.

My work is now the development of packaging and product communication in the retail business area for private brands.

I think it will be a challenging and very interesting time at the professional level, since we work with the largest retailers in the world, all of whom have a wide range of products, and a great presence in their markets.

The design solutions require a big research of the benchmark and innovative solutions to make the products stand out on the shelves, with all the products that already exist in the most diverse stores and countries around the world.

On the other hand, there is a lot of tasks related with the production and processes that I would love to learn, and that this experience will certainly lead me to get a good learning – a thing that I value a lot.

Tags: Video, Animation