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These situations must be very familiar to you, as much they are for me, especially if you are a designer, or simply Portuguese...!

It's amazing how people can put all common sense aside! Obviously it has no joke and is really the big problem of the actuality and really in the design and the arts in general is too much, where people think that they can challenge and negotiate everything! I cant try to imagine how it would be in Morocco to make a website or a logo, were they have this as a tradition...!

Anyway, I really believe that this situations only persists because we let this "system" continues, because there is allways somebody who ends up yielding to the client pressure, and does the "work" almost for free. Obviously the quality at the end is relative, and the important thing to retain here: we need to understand that when someone agrees to do these jobs at lower prices, it is only to devalue the work of the entire design community, with a new price reference.

If you want to see more about this daily stories please just take a look on the facebook page Palavra do Cliente, where you can find a lot of the creativity of some clients when they ask for a designer.

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