Project flashlight in one click

Dados do Projecto

Title flashlight in one click
Scope Fine Arts Univerity of Lisbon
Software solidsolidworks / 3d Studio Max 2009 / v-Ray


Given the constraints for the flashlight construction presented at the briefing, I came to the conclusion that my project would be a flashlight, relatively small (a bit larger than two 1,5v batteries) of domestic use, in other words in side the house. As such I define its use in situations such as light failures, when repairing some home system in a weak light, in a situation where the access is difficult (under furniture for example) or even, to be used in inappropriate hours when we no longer can or should switch on our artificial house lights. The needs I thought to be more relevant in the conception of this object were basically aesthetic (out side), where the main concerns were the handle, the ways in which it could be used, also the stowadge factor, in other words in what way it might be placed in a house and, consequently its visualization. Besides all this, the idea has been based on the "pretty" factor, where my concern was to create an object with a material that inspires quality but also a good impression on its buyer. The structure will be in aluminium, for a greater resistance, in other words, for increased durability. The handle will be made in fluorescent rubber, so it can be easily found when we need it the most. It will also have a magnetic extremity so it can be placed with the materials we frequently use.

Keywords leds, flashlight, magnetic, íman, ilumination

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