Projecto Energy Drink Pack

Project data

Title Energy Drink Pack
Scope Restart - Institute of creativity and new technology
Software 3d Studio Max 2009 / vRay / Photoshop / illustrator

Conceito | Descritivo

"Energy" is a sports drink, once it keeps performance and resistence during physical activity and helps in the after exercise recovery. The customer main goal passes through the criation of a project of a package/communication design, ergonomic and easy to carry, use and store at the outlets. With a bold look, the strategy is to aim at the young public aged between 12 and 35 years old., with the concern of an active life and sports practitioner on a professional or amateur level. The solution should take in account the main competitors, thus having the need to create a creative and funtional detachment, relatively to the structural and graphic design of the final pack. The materials were restricted to polystyrene for the container and polypropylene for the screw caps, given it presents a better quality/price relation and consequently allowing the final products value to be of 0,99 cents as intended. The concept thus came through all 5 key-words (Energy, strength, vitality, balance, intensity) symbolized in a battery, designated by an equipment that transforms in electric power the energy produced by a chemical reaction. Starting with this designation the concept was decided. The final product aimed to mark the difference over direct competiton, not only through the pack format, which represented all the battery symbology, but also through the use of the hot colours of fire.

Keywords packaging, energy drink, bebida, desporto, bodyboard

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