Project Fish Pack

Project data

Title Fish Pack
Scope Fine Arts University of Lisbon
Software Audocad 2008 / 3d Studio Max 2009 / v-Ray / Photoshop

Conceito | Descritivo

The form I've decided to give to the final project was the one of a sfeer. This option opf mine is due to the fact that it is the one that better suits the vehicle I want to develop, given that this solid is the one that gives a better mobility in every direction presenting no difficulties. Structurally the vehicle system for animals and marine material transportation is based on a pinciple of balancde that is given through a water balance caused system, that works trough two sfeers, both hollow, being one inside the other intercalated with a small amount of water. This balance concept is of high importance given that one of this portable aquarium main function is to ensure that vthe fish or marine material is comfortabily carried, since as previously quoted one of the largest cause of death of this little animals is the fact that during the trip they are submitted to constant strokes/shoves which elevate the stress level. I've decided to give it a rectangular form with circular holes where the aquarium fits, in a transport situation. The concept would be to complement the previous idea, developing a small vehicle, which will allow the palletization of the transport aquarium. The solution passed by a similar system of those used in eggs packaging. Also in acrylic as the aquarium, this object would be gifted of four small wheels guaranteeing its mobility.

Keywords transportation, fish, packaging, pack

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