Project Wooden Bench

Dados do Projecto

Title Wooden Bench
Âmbito Fine arts University of Lisbon
Software solidworks / 3d Studio Max 2009 / v-Ray / Photoshop


In this exercice of a wooden bench elaboration, the main goal was the elaboration of a project that would solve a problem related to mine an my colleagues day by day. The bench that I presented was a stretcher bench, therefor related with the arts. The methodology I developed through the project was based in this concept, in the fact that my work is developed around a distinct functionality, responding with characteristics/problems owned by its users. The materials I've chosen for this work concretion were plywood boards of mahogany and marine. Plywood is flexible so it can assume numerous forms, which can, increasingly better, adjust to the human needs, at the specific areas of our body,. Given that the use of this objects is in a long term, and usually in an inadequate way which contributes to long or short term body problems, namely the spine. My other concern was to produce a bench that is able to stimulate a correct ergonomic position, one that reduces the body damage and that at the same time is comfortable to its user. In a formal way, I've decided that i should accentuate the simplicity and fluidity of its forms, as well as working its stowadge ability, by creating a totaly detachable bench.

Keywords bench, wood, ergonomic, plywood boards, detachable

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